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Lecturer Profiles

Anthony Clarke

Anthony clarke 128pxNAME: Mark Anthony Clarke

LECTURER IN: Portfolio Management / Financial Management

ACADEMIC AREAS: Finance, Information Technology, Project Management, IT Auditing, Teaching

TEACHING STATEMENT: To light the bulb of interest in students and fully equip them in their area of study to effectively manage the rigours of the corporate world and/or their entrepreneurial pursuits

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Ava-Marie Wright

ava marie wright 128pxNAME: Ava-Marie Wright

LECTURER IN: Public Relations; Marketing Relations (Online)

ACADEMIC AREAS: Marketing, Public Relations

TEACHING STATEMENT: The ability to transcend theoretical concepts and academic jargon is the journey that I anticipate taking my students, where in the end they are able to apply the practicum in their daily activities. With that in mind there are some key objectives I strive to achieve for student’s learning experience: 1) to facilitate critical thinking and problem solving, 2) to provide fundamental knowledge and tools applicable to students, 3) to provide experiential learning and collaborative inquiry through engaging interaction.
As the landscape of marketing and communication is dynamic and constantly evolving I invite students to not drown themselves in the collection of facts, but rather, research with an inquisitive mind.

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Aubryn Smith

aubryn smith 128pxNAME: AUBRYN ETON A. SMITH

LECTURER IN: Mathematics and Quantitative Methods Courses

ACADEMIC AREAS: Mathematics, Economics, Management Information Systems


As a professional Mathematician, Mr. Aubryn Smith is driven to present the theories and concepts in the simplest and most transparent ways, to ensure students become fluent and confident in their Mathematical skills, and to communicate the sense of joy and excitement he feels as the Mathematical structures and possibilities unfold. The moment when a student successfully grasps a new concept is a deeply satisfying experience for him. As a trained reflective, reflexive, and student-centred professional Mathematician, making Mathematics easy and fun is his primary teaching goal. His secondary goal is to help students build confidence in Mathematics.

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Marsha S. Pabarue

marsha pabarue 128pxLecturer in Research and Human Resource Management

Academic Areas: Human Resource Management, Organisational Leadership & Research

Teaching Statement

Marsha Pabarue currently serves as an Education Sponsor for the Seventh-day Adventist church. She currently works with graduate and under-graduate students pursuing degrees in the areas of education and business. As a practitioner and facilitator of learning, the aim is to allow for practical application to the theories presented in class. She also spends hours outside of scheduled class time to advise, mentor and coach students.

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Kevin Powell

KevinPowellKevin Powell is a dedicated professional, passionate educator, and Public Speaking and Communications Specialist extraordinaire. He is currently the Head of the Department of General Studies and Behavioural Sciences at the University College of the Caribbean (UCC), where he has been lecturing since September 2004. Over the years, he has lectured the following courses: Academic Writing I & II, English for Tertiary Students, Introduction to Literature, Public Speaking, Caribbean Literature/Cultural Studies, Theatre and Business Communication.

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