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Aubryn Smith

aubryn smith 128pxNAME: AUBRYN ETON A. SMITH

LECTURER IN: Mathematics and Quantitative Methods Courses

ACADEMIC AREAS: Mathematics, Economics, Management Information Systems


As a professional Mathematician, Mr. Aubryn Smith is driven to present the theories and concepts in the simplest and most transparent ways, to ensure students become fluent and confident in their Mathematical skills, and to communicate the sense of joy and excitement he feels as the Mathematical structures and possibilities unfold. The moment when a student successfully grasps a new concept is a deeply satisfying experience for him. As a trained reflective, reflexive, and student-centred professional Mathematician, making Mathematics easy and fun is his primary teaching goal. His secondary goal is to help students build confidence in Mathematics.


Aubryn Eton A. Smith graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Double Major Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Statistics with Honours and later a Master of Business Administration in Management of Information Systems from the Mona School of Business and Management, University of the West Indies, Mona. He started as a tutor of Calculus in the Social Sciences Department at the University of the West Indies, and in 2008 lectured in the Department of Education as a Mathematician training teachers from around the Caribbean Region to become Specialist Mathematics teachers in primary and secondary schools. He was trained and coached by the University of the West Indies Open Campus’s representatives from the University of North Carolina and University of Texas, who specialize in Online learning, to become a Reflexive, Reflective Student-Centred Online Facilitator. He has been employed since January 2015 to the University College of the Caribbean UCC) as the full time lecturer in Mathematics and Quantitative Methods.

Academic Degrees:

- Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics (Double Major) Honours
- Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems

Professional Experience:

External Examiner at the Community College Council of Jamaica for the following courses:
• Management Information Systems
• Network Design
• Discrete Mathematics
• Data Base Management

External Examiner at the University College of the Caribbean in the following courses:

• Data Base Management Systems
• Discrete Mathematics
• Management Information Systems
• Networking Design

Courses Taught:

Algebra, Linear & Abstract Algebra
Statistics and Probability
Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry
Discrete Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Calculus I, II & III
Pedagogical Issues in the Teaching of Mathematics
Management Information Systems
Micro Economics/ Macro Economics
Economic Statistics
Risk Analysis and Management
Information Technology in Banking
Core Mathematics
Introduction to Business and Economics Statistics
Quantitative Methods


• Jamaica’s 50 Years Economy (E-Book publish by Amazon.com)


• President, St. George’s College Home School Association ( elected Nov 2015)
• Member, St. George’s College School Board (November 2015 - ___)