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All students, including returning UCC Online students and UCC students who will be pursuing an online course for the first time at UCC Online are now required to complete an Online Preparatory Session before starting their studies each semester.

“UCC Online is evolving,” says the Director for UCC Online in defending the decision to have a preparatory session each semester. “We want to ensure that all our students are aware of new decisions and any new features that we introduce to assist our students with learning online.”

In fact, the recommendation for the Prep Session came from a lecturer who observed that new students were not familiarizing themselves with how the online platform works and returning students did not remember some of the very simple requirements for studying online. The Preparatory Session or Prep Session for short replaces the Orientation Session which many have confused with the UCC 101 Orientation to University Life. The Prep Session will open at least one week before the semester starts and run for about four weeks to allow for both early and late registrants.

The Prep covers tutorial sessions on registration for classes, tips for succeeding as an online student, exam requirements, how to use Adobe Connect and Moodle among other important information. After reading and listening to the Prep Session, students are expected to complete a short quiz.

To access the Preparatory Session,please go to the link here: CLICK HERE

shutterstock 75245902Do you like the idea of managing the production line, pricing products, sales and distribution? Or, have you pictured yourself as the professional coordinating all the elements of manufacturing, from maintaining the equipment to hiring the manufacturing staff? Are you prepared to be a manager, repairman, an IT guy, a delivery person and just about anything you can imagine? Then it sounds like you are mentally ready to build a foundation of knowledge in our newest online bachelor’s degree programme in Production & Operations Management.

Starting Fall 2017, UCC Online will be offering the courses for this degree. The programme, designed to be delivered part-time, will expose online students to a curriculum including courses such as Financial Accounting, Project Management, Quality Management, Warehouse & Inventory Management, Preventive & Waste Management, Industrial Automation, Ethics and Materials Management.

When you successfully complete your degree, you can work as an operations manager, industrial production manager or a management consultant. Whatever you choose, it is very likely you will be in high demand because there are a number of industries that require trained professionals who can not only, manage but also, maximise a company’s efficiencies while reducing costs.
This is your opportunity. Enrol today!


brochure picCan’t seem to find the solution to that algebraic equation? What about that essay? The paragraphs just don’t seem to hang together. It’s near midnight and definitely too late to call or email Mr. Powell or Ms. Swaby or Mr. Mendez and expect an answer. But your papers are due tomorrow!!! Where is the help when you need it? Don’t panic.

There’s Smarthinking. Through Smarthinking you’ll get expert advice from professional, qualified tutors whenever you need it. It’s available 24/7. You can also get feedback on an assignment or an essay draft, or get help with tackling those not-so-easy mathematical questions. In addition, you will be able to access a number of free tutorials on difficult topics.

“I usually have to ask my colleagues or friends to read over my work but this time I relied on Smarthinking,” says Westmoreland student Antoinette Daley-Mullings who used Smarthinking’s Essay Centre to help her with her Ethics assignments in fall 2015. “I’ve registered for another online course for spring 2016 and will definitely be using Smarthinking.”

Meanwhile, Business Administration student, Dawayne Smith from St. Catherine said, “I was having problems with matrices. The Smarthinking tutor was very helpful. And now that I hear that I can ask for more time, I will be doing so.”

Mark Dennis, who hails from Manchester and is pursuing his bachelor’s of science in Information Technology online also had high praises for Smarthinking, “It’s a great idea and a great initiative of UCC Online. I used the tutorial services for my College Algebra and Programming Techniques courses. I loved it.”

The tutorial service was introduced in fall 2015 to UCC Online students. Each student has 180 minutes of additional academic support each semester but if you need more time, you’ll simply send an email to your coordinator to ask for more. Research has shown that students who use Smarthinking are on average twice as likely to pass and twice as likely to achieve Distinction or High Distinction results as those who don't use the service.

During fall 2015, the Essay Centre recorded the highest usage by students. Students also relied heavily on Smarthinking for help with reviewing their grammar and for help with macro-economic principles.

Online tutors from Smarthinking are available for the following subjects/courses:

  • Math (Basic through to Calculus ll)
  • Statistics
  • Accounting (introductory through to Advanced)
  • Finance
  • Micro-economics and Macro-economics
  • Spanish
  • Microsoft Office
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing and Grammar (includes Online Writing Lab for detailed, personalized critiques of any written assignments as well as live tutors to assist with pre-writing techniques, research strategies, documentation, grammar and mechanics).

How to access Smarthinking:

To access, Smarthinking, simply log into UCC Online at and enter a course for which you are registered.

Follow these steps to use Smarthinking:

1. Look for the Smarthinking URL on your course page just below your course description. The Smarthinking URL can also be found in your course navigation menu on the right.
2. When Smarthinking loads in a new window, be sure to enable pop ups to allow the service to load properly.
3. Once loaded you may begin browsing the Smarthinking portal for tutorial assistance.

You may contact your online coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions about Smarthinking.

TEFL certificationUniversity College of the Caribbean has partnered with CCELT to offer a specialized TEFL course, enhancing your effectiveness as a volunteer teacher and maximizing your chances of securing teaching positions abroad.

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