UCC Online Offers a New Bachelor’s for Fall 2017

shutterstock 75245902Do you like the idea of managing the production line, pricing products, sales and distribution? Or, have you pictured yourself as the professional coordinating all the elements of manufacturing, from maintaining the equipment to hiring the manufacturing staff? Are you prepared to be a manager, repairman, an IT guy, a delivery person and just about anything you can imagine? Then it sounds like you are mentally ready to build a foundation of knowledge in our newest online bachelor’s degree programme in Production & Operations Management.

Starting Fall 2017, UCC Online will be offering the courses for this degree. The programme, designed to be delivered part-time, will expose online students to a curriculum including courses such as Financial Accounting, Project Management, Quality Management, Warehouse & Inventory Management, Preventive & Waste Management, Industrial Automation, Ethics and Materials Management.

When you successfully complete your degree, you can work as an operations manager, industrial production manager or a management consultant. Whatever you choose, it is very likely you will be in high demand because there are a number of industries that require trained professionals who can not only, manage but also, maximise a company’s efficiencies while reducing costs.
This is your opportunity. Enrol today!