Online Preparatory Session- Mandatory for ALL Online Students

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All students, including returning UCC Online students and UCC students who will be pursuing an online course for the first time at UCC Online are now required to complete an Online Preparatory Session before starting their studies each semester.

“UCC Online is evolving,” says the Director for UCC Online in defending the decision to have a preparatory session each semester. “We want to ensure that all our students are aware of new decisions and any new features that we introduce to assist our students with learning online.”

In fact, the recommendation for the Prep Session came from a lecturer who observed that new students were not familiarizing themselves with how the online platform works and returning students did not remember some of the very simple requirements for studying online. The Preparatory Session or Prep Session for short replaces the Orientation Session which many have confused with the UCC 101 Orientation to University Life. The Prep Session will open at least one week before the semester starts and run for about four weeks to allow for both early and late registrants.

The Prep covers tutorial sessions on registration for classes, tips for succeeding as an online student, exam requirements, how to use Adobe Connect and Moodle among other important information. After reading and listening to the Prep Session, students are expected to complete a short quiz.

To access the Preparatory Session,please go to the link here: CLICK HERE