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Accelerated MBA Advanced Certification – Get Ahead in Business

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s (UCC) accelerated MBA advanced certification allows you to gain all of the knowledge and skills of a full MBA in a fraction of the time. Most students complete in just six months, but you have the flexibility to go at your own pace in this fully online, self-paced program. The program is designed to deepen your knowledge in economics, cost-based decision making, corporate financial management, operations, marketing strategy, organizational management, corporate planning and leadership. You will apply the theories learned in the classroom to workplace challenges, enhance your communication skills, sharpen critical and analytical thinking, and proactively anticipate rapidly changing business challenges in a global economy. On completion, you will compile a portfolio of your work that can be shared with employers to enhance your career potential.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Effectively lead and manage organizations, individuals, and teams to achieve common goals and objectives in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world.
  • Effectively communicate with diverse audiences across multiple technologies and channels to lead initiatives, achieve significant results, and affect change.
  • Leverage technology and core business competencies to solve business problems and drive organizational success.
  • Make ethical decisions in complex business situations to lead organizations that operate with integrity.
  • Analyze and use data to make informed decisions that support operational efficiency, mitigate risk, drive success, and achieve strategic goals.

And elevate your skills and career…

Careers in leadership and management offer some of the greatest diversity with the opportunity to work across almost every sector. You will develop selected skills that can open doors in roles such as: 

  • International Business Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Project Manager

Program Courses

Business Strategy and Operations (Accelerated)

Deepen your understanding of key business concepts and gain practical skills for success in a fast-paced business environment. You will develop a deep understanding of operations management and how it is critical to your success in any field, from consulting to entrepreneurship to general management. Strategy helps managers make better decisions to improve the competitive position of their organization in the long run and create value for its key stakeholders.


You will learn the major problems and decision processes of operations management such as operations strategy, process and capacity planning, facilities planning, aggregate planning, materials planning, and quality planning. On completion, you will have gained a deep understanding of the strategic and operational aspects of businesses and will be equipped to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Finance and Economics for Managers (Accelerated)

Finance and Economics for Managers is designed for individuals seeking advanced knowledge in finance and economics, with an emphasis on application to real-world business challenges. You will learn how to analyze financial data, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate financial information to stakeholders. You will also learn about the critical financial fundamentals necessary for managing an organization’s operational activities and achieving its strategic goals and develop your knowledge of a wide range of economic concepts, theories, and analytical techniques. On completion, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as finance and economics managers in a variety of industries.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Accelerated)

Learn the skills and characteristics of an effective leader and how to apply leadership skills during change and in multicultural and diverse environments. The importance of leading with strong managerial ethics, emotional intelligence, and reflective leadership underpins your course content and learning. You will also examine the relationship between contemporary leadership issues and classical leadership theory.

Financial Accounting and Analysis (Accelerated)

Many business decisions throughout every level of an organization are based on the information found in the company’s financial statements. Explore how small and large process changes can increase organizational efficiency and profits through analyzing financial statement information. You’ll also examine how decisions made about capital projects, long-term investments, and a company’s risk aversion impact the bottom line.

Marketing Management (Accelerated)

Explore the design and implementation of the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out an organization’s strategy in its target markets. You will develop an understanding of how an organization can benefit from creating and delivering value to its customers, and stakeholders, and the skills in applying the analytical concepts and tools of marketing to decisions around segmentation and targeting, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Strategic Decision Making for Managers (Accelerated)

It is important for managers to know how organizations intend to engage with their environment and consequently develop capabilities and competencies to provide competitive advantages and fulfil their organizational objectives. Learn about models conceived by observing businesses in developed countries and how they apply to all sizes of firms including corporations operating globally. 

MBA Portfolio Capstone (Accelerated)

Culminate your learning from the entire Accelerated MBA program with a portfolio of work showcasing your knowledge and skills. You can share your portfolio with employers and colleagues to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise you’ve attained from the program.


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