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Develop an understanding of the role of a brand, its various components—both tangible and intangible, how these components interact, and how they work together to create the target consumer’s desired relationship with the brand. You’ll explore the intricacies of brand investment and how to articulate its values. You will also plan a unique value proposition and a differentiated position. Finally, you will learn how to use brand elements and ongoing, actionable brand metrics. 

You will learn how to… 


  • Analyze the components of a brand and the role of brand investment in creating and maintaining brand value over time. 
  • Develop a comprehensive brand positioning statement that clearly articulates the unique value proposition and differentiation strategy of the brand, and use it to guide all future branding and marketing efforts. 
  • Develop and implement brand elements, including visual identity and messaging, to effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition and positioning to target audiences. 
  • Implement ongoing brand guidelines and standards to ensure consistency in brand messaging and visual identity across all touchpoints. 
  • Use relevant and actionable brand metrics to measure the effectiveness of branding efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize brand performance. 

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 

Brand Manager, Brand Consultant, Marketing Manager, Brand Coordinator, Brand Specialist, Brand Strategist, Marketing Communications Manager, Research and Development Manager 

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