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Business Intelligence (BI) uses historical data to better understand and thereby improve business performance, as well as create new strategic opportunities for growth. Part of this process is to display the results in graphical images for easier understanding. 


Examine the technologies used to support organizational decision-making. You’ll develop an understanding of data organization, and examine the BI processes and techniques used in transforming data into knowledge and value. Various functions and applications of business intelligence are described, including but not limited to reporting, online analytical processing, data visualization and business process management.

You will learn how to… 


  • Evaluate the capabilities of Business Intelligence technologies and tools, and develop strategies for leveraging these capabilities to support effective data analysis and decision making. 
  • Critically analyze the use of different technologies in supporting managerial decision making, and identify best practices for selecting and implementing appropriate tools and systems. 
  • Differentiate between different types of data visualizations and their applications and benefits, and design effective visualizations that enable efficient and effective data analysis.
  • Examine the technological architecture that makes up business intelligence systems, and evaluate the role of each component in supporting effective data management and analysis. 
  • Outline and justify an effective data visualization strategy that leverages best practices in data visualization design and enables effective communication and decision making. 

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 

Business Intelligence Developer, Analytics Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Architect, Business Intelligence Manager 

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