Cyber Security Strategy and Planning


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Gain a foundation for assessing risk frameworks associated with inter-organizational and external breaches of security, setting up an IT security organization, system development considerations, and technical issues. You’ll cover a range of topics including: 

  • strategy 
  • business continuity 
  • legal issues 
  • risk management 
  • disaster preparedness/recovery 
  • training and awareness 
  • policies and procedures 
  • physical security 
  • public key infrastructure and encryption 
  • industrial espionage 
  • privacy 
  • software licensure compliance

You will learn how to… 

  • Analyze and synthesize the complex legal and regulatory environment surrounding cybersecurity strategies and planning, and critically evaluate the key challenges and opportunities that organizations face when operating in this context. 
  • Apply risk management principles and frameworks to evaluate and mitigate risks associated with inter-organizational and external breaches of security, and develop strategies for effective disaster preparedness and recovery. 
  • Assess the technical considerations involved in setting up an IT security organization, including system development and encryption, and evaluate the implications of software licensure compliance and industrial espionage for cybersecurity planning and strategy. 
  • Develop and implement effective policies and procedures for cybersecurity planning and risk management, including training and awareness programs and physical security measures. 
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity strategies and planning, and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement and adaptation in response to changing threats and technological developments.

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 

Cyber Security Strategist, Cyber Security Consultant, Intelligence Analyst, Forensic Computer Analyst, Network Engineer, IT Project Manager, Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Security Analyst 

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