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Equip yourself with a thorough understanding of the advantages and challenges presented by workplace diversity, and suggest techniques to effectively manage and maximize the benefits of diversity. You will be guided through a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively manage diversity based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ability, national origin, and intersectionality in organizations as well as issues various groups face, including discrimination. 

You’ll also analyze data in ways that facilitate the development and evaluation of human resource (HR) policies, practices, and strategies. Finally, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the human resource management practices that facilitate employee engagement as well as how to conduct a competent workforce survey and use the data to assess and maintain as well as improve employee engagement.

You will learn how to…


  • Evaluate the impact and significance of diversity and engagement on organizational success.
  • Judge the efficacy of diversity and engagement plans by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and proposing solutions for areas of improvement.
  • Construct an inclusive and equitable policy framework that addresses issues related to diversity and engagement.
  • Design a study utilizing advanced data analysis techniques to measure the impact of diversity and engagement on various organizational outcomes.
  • Formulate a comprehensive diversity and engagement plan that incorporates best practices and aligns with organizational goals and values.

And learn the skills connected to careers including…


Engagement Officer, Engagement and Communications Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, HR Business Partner, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Inclusion and Diversity Advisor, Employee Engagement Analyst

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