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Learn about the entrepreneurial process, and gain insight into the entrepreneurial perspective and mindset required to take an initial entry-level idea through the creativity, operating strategies, and funding needed to turn opportunity into reality while focusing on core business practices. An entrepreneur is someone who takes on a venture to create something new that solves a problem, and you will gain an understanding of how to recognize opportunities and act on those possibilities. This process involves establishing an entrepreneurial vision.


Choosing the path of entrepreneurship requires a willingness to take on calculated risks. Many factors drive the growth of entrepreneurship, including employment instability, motivation to create something new, financial factors and free time associated with retirement, as well as the greater acceptance of entrepreneurship as a career choice. You’ll explore the entrepreneurial mindset which helps the entrepreneur view the world as full of possibilities, and in turn, helps them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

You will learn how to…

  • Develop a personal entrepreneurial mindset by reflecting on past experiences and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Generate a unique business idea by conducting market research, identifying target customers and analyzing the competition.
  • Utilize various tools and techniques to assess the feasibility and viability of a business idea, including conducting a SWOT analysis and developing a business model canvas.
  • Design a comprehensive financial plan for starting and operating a business, integrating forecasting techniques for revenue and expenses, cash flow management strategies, and funding options.
  • Develop a practical and effective entrepreneurial business plan, including a marketing plan, financial plan, and operational plan, to present to potential investors or stakeholders.

And learn the skills connected to careers including…


Social Media Manager, Public Relations Manager, Appraiser, Financial Adviser, Marketing Manager, Web Developer, Sales Manager, Systems Analyst, Construction Manager, Management Analyst

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