Global Hospitality Operations Management


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Equip yourself with insight into hospitality management and the multi-faceted domains that make up the industry. This new knowledge will allow for the formation of more precise planning in plotting your own future career path and business planning, possibly within in your existing domain, or probably with a newly formed international perspective and knowledge of how other sectors of the industry operate. 


You’ll explore the fundamentals of the hospitality industry’s make-up, providing an insight into both corporate philosophies and practices, as well as how they may transform into operational implications. Finally, you’ll discuss how these philosophies and practices can influence future career development. 

You will learn how to… 


  • Analyze the product and service offerings of major hospitality firms and their strategies for achieving market superiority through growth and diversification. 
  • Evaluate the key drivers of performance in accommodation services management and develop strategies for improving performance, and evaluate the impact of these strategies on customer and owner satisfaction. 
  • Analyze current global trends in food and beverage management in both hotel-based and standalone operations and develop strategies for adapting to these trends. 
  • Develop a plan to gain market superiority and competitive advantage using strategies for implementing innovation and technology. 
  • Evaluate the concepts of customer satisfaction and loyalty, analyze their relationship with marketing communication strategies, and develop strategies for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty while achieving business objectives.

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 

Operations Manager, International Hotel Manager, Travel and Tourism Officer, Business Development Manager, Accommodation Manager, Project Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Retention Manager 

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