Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy


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Learn about effective integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategies for organizations. You’ll be provided with an overview of managing the marketing function, including: 


  • segmentation 
  • targeting, positioning 
  • customer decision-making 
  • market and environmental analysis 
  • marketing planning strategy. 

Emphasis is placed on understanding the role of advertising and other promotional tools in the IMC program of an organization to achieve effective marketing campaigns based on clear objectives, market segmentation, and target marketing within established time and cost parameters. The development of a promotional program requires an understanding of the overall marketing process, communications theory and processes, marketing communications You’ll also examine the process by which integrated marketing communications programs are planned, developed, executed, and measured. 

You will learn how to… 

  • Implement a market segmentation process on a particular product. 
  • Design a package that incorporates the elements of the Marketing Mix.  
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different traditional promotional tools in reaching target audiences and develop strategies to optimize their use for specific marketing objectives. 
  • Analyze emerging digital and social media trends to identify contemporary promotional tools that are best suited for specific marketing objectives and target audiences.  
  • Develop a plan for an integrated marketing communications campaign for a product. 

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 


Marketing and Communications Manager, Marketing Communications Specialist, Marketing and Communications Strategist, Marketing Coordinator, Public Relations Manager, Brand Manager, Branding Specialist, Marketing Data Analyst, Content Strategist 

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