Leadership and Organizational Behavior


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Examine the skills and characteristics necessary to be an effective leader. You’ll learn how to apply leadership skills during change and in multicultural and diverse environments. The common thread throughout the course will be leading with strong managerial ethics, emotional intelligence, and reflective leadership. You’ll also examine the relationship between contemporary leadership issues and classical leadership theory.

You will learn how to… 

  • Use the appropriate leadership skills and characteristics to impact organizational performance and corporate accountability. 
  • Apply leadership, motivation, and ethical theories as a means for leading a successful organization. 
  • Evaluate your personal leadership style and reflect on areas for improvement.  
  • Distinguish which leadership skills and characteristics are most important for leading in diverse settings. 
  • Distinguish which leadership skills and characteristics are most important for leading during planned and unplanned organizational change. 
  • Differentiate between leadership styles and motivational techniques to ensure strategic success.  

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 


Management Analyst, Management Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Training and Development Manager, Project Coordinator, Organizational Development Specialist, Succession Planner, Employee Career Cycle Specialist, Organization Effectiveness Manager 

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