Principles of Programming Languages


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Gain an introduction to the origins of programming languages and how they have evolved over the years. Learn about abstractions in programming languages, including both data type abstractions and control structure abstractions, and how different programming languages, like Java and Lisp, implement these abstractions and the programming paradigms to which they belong. Finally, develop your understanding of advanced features of programming languages, such as exceptions and polymorphism and their purpose.

You will learn how to…


  • Examine the origins, purpose, types, and environment of programming languages.
  • Appraise the various data type abstractions in programming languages.
  • Appraise the various control structure abstractions in programming languages.
  • Appraise different programming paradigms and their major concepts.
  • Justify how the advanced features of programming languages are used, such as pointers, retypes, polymorphism, exceptions, and concurrency.

And learn the skills connected to careers including…


Computer Programmer, C++ Developer, Software Application Developer, Network Systems Administrator, Web Developer, Java Developer, Computer Systems Engineer, Database Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Python Developer, JavaScript Developer

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