Strategic Human Resource Management


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Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to align individual and team-based activities with the organization's mission and vision and to thus optimize the contribution made by the workforce to the achievement of its long-term ambitions. You’ll adopt a balanced approach to the study of strategic human resource management by synthesizing a combination of academic theory and practitioner experiences, drawn from a broad range of operating environments. As such, you’ll be able to review and evaluate an organization's current operating environment; develop frameworks to diagnose workforce-related problems and propose solutions; and anticipate and prepare for uncertain organizational challenges. 

You will learn how to… 

  • Develop a strategic approach to human resource management from alternative methods of managing people in an organization.  
  • Create an overarching framework of human resource management policy to inform the design of subsequent decision-making.  
  • Design a planning framework that will enable the effective acquisition and initial induction of new talent into an organization.  
  • Design a planning framework that will optimally support the development and enhancement of individual and team-based attitudes, skills, and behaviors within a workplace.  
  • Formulate a process for the retention of talent that is optimally adaptable to anticipated future developments in the organization. 

And learn the skills connected to careers including… 

HR Manager, HR Consultant, HR Adviser, Training Manager, Human Capital Analyst, Human Capital Strategist, HR Analytics Manager, HR Coordinator, Employment Specialist 

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