Understanding Public Policy


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Explore the importance between public administration and the formulation of public policy which encompasses political and organizational perspectives as they relate in the policymaking process, including strategic mapping, policy leadership skills, and negotiation.

You will learn how to…


  • Summarize the basics of public policy design, stakeholders, and the history of public policy decisions and outcomes through the creation of a policy brief.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various policy design theories and their relevance in contemporary policymaking.
  • Analyze the policy process, identify stakeholders and their roles, and assess the influence of stakeholder values and interests on policy decisions.
  • Develop effective decision-making practices and communication strategies for implementing public policies.
  • Critique the effectiveness of public policies, evaluate their impact on society and the economy, and identify opportunities for improvement.

And learn the skills connected to careers including…


Legislative Aid, Community Relations Manager, Public Affairs Specialist, Market Researcher, Political Analyst, Program Manager, Budget Analyst, Regulatory Affairs Manager

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