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Developed in conjunction with Tableau, this course is designed to provide a learning pathway for individuals seeking business analyst and data analytics roles, and current or aspiring professionals across all sectors that increasingly rely upon data analysis to perform aspects of their role. This could include marketing professionals assessing large volumes of campaign data, through to policy or healthcare professionals assessing the efficacy of different policy approaches.


Understand the value of data analytics as a business discipline and refresh your fundamental statistical techniques. You’ll examine exploratory data analysis on structured and unstructured data sets utilizing spreadsheet tools such as Excel. You’ll be introduced to databases including SQL to manage multiple complex data sets. Coursework will introduce diagnostic analytics and develop more advanced Excel skills as a key digital literacy in the modern economy.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Apply fundamental data analytics techniques using spreadsheet and database tools to prepare, interpret and communicate insights about data sets.
  2. Prepare data to synthesize complex ideas to support an organization’s ability to extract meaning and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Critically reflect on and justify the approach taken to exploratory data analysis.

And elevate your skills and career…


  • The US Department of Labor projects demand for business and management analysts will grow 14% from 2018 to 2028.
  • The 2020 World Economic Forum Jobs Report identified “critical thinking and analysis” as the skill group with the highest increasing employer demand. That same report identified “analytical thinking and innovation” as the most important skill for 2025.
  • These high demand skills translate into several career pathways including data analyst, marketing analyst, management consultant, project management and product management.

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