Data Analytics and Visualization


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Developed in conjunction with Tableau, this course is designed to provide a learning pathway for individuals seeking data analyst and business analytics roles, as well as for professionals across all sectors that increasingly rely upon data analysis to perform their role. This includes marketing professionals assessing large volumes of campaign data, through to policy or healthcare professionals assessing the efficacy of different policy approaches.


Gain an understanding of advanced business problem solving through data analysis, visualization, and business communication. You’ll leverage the market leading Bl platform ‘Tableau’ to create interactive visualizations for key business functions, combining visualizations to create operational dashboards that can drive business insights and decisions. The final project introduces visualizing operational information on a dashboard to make recommendations against defined business priorities.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Critically evaluate strategic priorities to support the implementation of dashboards and increase the level of data-driven decision making in an organization.
  2. Perform responsible analysis to create and interpret visualizations to influence future organizational requirements.
  3. Evidence the capability to make data-driven decisions.
  4. Recognize and address the ethical and social issues of applying data analytics techniques within specific organizational contexts.
  5. Critically reflect on and justify the approach taken to create an accessible dashboard.

And elevate your skills and career…


  • A post-Covid 19 analysis done by Microsoft, leveraging LinkedIn data, estimates an additional capacity of 20m+ jobs in data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning worldwide by 2025.
  • Job postings calling for skills in data visualization have grown by 540% over the last five years, and specific demand for Tableau skills by 1,165%.
  • The 2020 World Economic Forum Jobs Report identified “critical thinking and analysis” as the skill group with the highest increasing employer demand. That same report identified “analytical thinking and innovation” as the most important skill for 2025.

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