Data Analytics with Python


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Developed in conjunction with Tableau, the Data Analytics with Python course examines advanced analytics techniques and best-practice use cases. You’ll develop the fundamental Python programming knowledge and skills required to complete advanced analytics. Aimed at professionals, you’ll develop advanced data analytics skills leveraging the programming language, Python. This experience will solidify and enhance any prior understanding of working with data and analytics, as well as develop critical employability skills with foundational knowledge in Python. In addition, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully conduct advanced data analysis and exploration, as well as leverage Python libraries to conduct data wrangling.

Through this course, you will:


  • develop core knowledge to inform data analysis
  • build and apply practical skill sets to complete data processing and analyzing using Python
  • develop and utilize critical elements of the programming language, Python.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Exhibit advanced analysis processes using Python programming to gather insights into data for achieving organizational objectives.
  2. Articulate relevant use cases comparing different Python libraries to achieve analysis objectives within specific organizational contexts.
  3. Utilize Python to import and wrangle data through various approaches to clean and structure the data into desired formats for making decisions for the organization.
  4. Critically reflect on learning by describing the processes followed, justifying approaches taken to create the data pipeline, and addressing the ethical issues in specific organizational contexts.

And elevate your skills and career…


  • Job postings calling for skills in data visualization have grown by 540% over the last five years, and specific demand for Tableau skills by 1,165%.
  • A post-Covid 19 analysis done by Microsoft, leveraging LinkedIn data, estimates an additional capacity of 20m+ jobs in data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning worldwide by 2025.
  • The ‘UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Sector Estimates’ report (Jan. 2020), notes that the digital sector is currently growing six times faster than the rest of the economy.
  • A UK Trade & Investment report titled ‘Big Data’ (2020), notes that the use of data has been identified as one of the UK Government's "Eight Great Technologies" (p3), and that growth in data and analysis is critical to the overall growth of the UK economy.

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