Digital Marketing Fundamentals


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Developed in collaboration with HubSpot, this course provides an introductory lens into the world of digital marketing. It will give learners the confidence to understand and participate in digital marketing-focused conversations. On completion, you will have the foundation to enter a digital marketing career or complement an existing professional skill set with improved digital technology capabilities.


You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully work in a digital marketing environment, while also being able to complete entry level digital marketing activities. You will also get practical experience defining a digital marketing strategy including identifying customers and their behavior and segmentation, understanding SEO and SEM strategies, and a foundation for creating digital marketing strategies.


Throughout the course, you will apply your learning to create an integrated marketing plan. In this plan you will identify personas, map the customer journey, define their campaign objectives, and create a digital channel plan based on business/organizational objectives. The curriculum was developed in consultation with experienced, senior digital marketers, and industry professionals who regularly develop digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Define key customer audiences and your objectives.
  2. Design and optimize the digital marketing mix for business objectives.
  3. Define common social media strategies.
  4. Analyze common search engine strategies (SEO, SEM).

And elevate your skills and career…


  • The need for digital marketing capacity across the economy continues to grow at a dramatic rate. According to Grand View Research, "the global digital marketing software market size was valued at $43.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 17.4% from 2020 to 2027."
  • According to McKinley's 2019 Marketing Hiring Report, while digital marketing is expected to be the most in-demand marketing specialty, a lacking supply of talent is the most common hiring challenge.
  • Some of the pivotal roles that leverage digital marketing expertise include: digital marketing managers, SEO and SEM specialists, email marketing specialists, and social media marketers.

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