Product Management and Strategy


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Developed in collaboration with Atlassian, this course introduces you to product management as a critical business concept.


Examine how to conceptualize products as key drivers of a business’s strategic growth. You’ll also develop comprehensive product strategies which are aligned to relevant business objectives for a real-world business scenario and prepare product-led growth strategies to support business objectives. You’ll come away with the following artefacts at the end of the course:


  • a business case for new product investment
  • a value proposition canvas
  • a business model canvas
  • product-led growth strategies for a real-world business scenario of your choice.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Conceptualize product ideas to capitalize on identified relevant market opportunities.
  2. Develop comprehensive product strategies aligned to relevant business objectives.
  3. Prepare product-led growth strategies to support business objectives.
  4. Substantiate and give reasons for answers, choices, and approaches.

And elevate your skills and career…


  • Product management roles in the US increased by 32% between 2017–2019 (Lyer 2019), and global demand for this role in large companies is rising (Product school 2020).
  • According to Glassdoors' report ‘25 Best jobs in the UK for 2020’, Product Manager (PM) was listed at number two.
  • The mean salary for a PM in the US is three times that of other occupations (Product school 2021).

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