Programming Applications with Python


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Build on your core Python programming knowledge and explore its applications in more depth. You’ll be provided with hands-on opportunities to work with Python and build simple applications across a variety of common business use-cases, including data analytics, websites, and graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and chatbots.


You’ll focus on developing the knowledge and skills required to successfully begin a career in a programming or software development environment, including the confidence to begin programming applications with Python. By completing this course, you’ll gain the foundations to enter a programming career or differentiate yourself in multiple digital technology roles.

You’ll learn how to…


  1. Apply advanced Python techniques to practical implementations.
  2. Use web scraping tools effectively.
  3. Implement database and GUI applications.
  4. Build a chatbot to demonstrate proficiency in Python.

And elevate your skills and career…


  • Information Technology (IT) has become synonymous with innovation and growth. Every industry has been impacted by the need to implement more software to aid automation and augmentation, as well as build a reputable online presence. None of this would be possible without the role of programmers.
  • According to the latest Tech Nation report, there was a +150% increase in demand for digital technology sector roles between 2015 and 2018, with the demand for full-stack developers more than tripling within this time.
  • A recent analysis by Microsoft, completed post the pandemic, has forecast an additional UK job capacity of 2 million in software development and programming between 2020 and 2025.

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