Quality Management


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Explore new and better methods of healthcare quality management. You’ll gain an understanding of the impact quality has on healthcare organizations and patient outcomes and cover topics including patient safety, risk management, quality improvement practices, and regulatory compliance.

You will learn how to…


  • Analyze the relationship between healthcare quality management and patient outcomes, using data-driven approaches to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Critically evaluate the ethical and legal considerations in healthcare quality management, taking into account the impact of policies and regulations on patient care.
  • Synthesize the latest research on patient safety, including the use of advanced technologies and evidence-based practices, to design and implement effective patient safety programs.
  • Design and implement a comprehensive quality and patient safety program, including strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership within healthcare organizations.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of quality and process improvement strategies, using tools such as statistical process control and continuous improvement methodologies to measure and enhance healthcare quality.

And learn the skills connected to careers including…


Healthcare Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Health and Safety Manager, Healthcare Compliance Officer, Healthcare Risk and Control Officer, Healthcare Quality Auditor

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