General: Payment, Funding and Studying Online


Fees and how to pay

Tuition fees vary across our study options however, can be found at the top of each degree program, Micro-credential or Accelerated MBA page. Simply find and select your preferred study option to view its cost.

All tuition fees are listed in US$ (US Dollars). Your payment will automatically exchange JMD to USD when you pay for your course via credit card.

You can select and pay for your next course through your dashboard. To access your dashboard, use the button in the top right of your screen.

We accept payments from debit or credit cards. Alternatively, you can defer your payment to a sponsor by selecting 'Sponsor Payment' at check out.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer payment via bank transfer.

All our courses are pay-as-you-go with on-demand access. There’s no payment deadline – simply pay when you’re able to and get started right away.

You can pay for your next course at any time. Register and pay for your next course by logging into your Student Dashboard in the top right hand side of your screen.

Funding your studies

Yes, your employer can fund your studies through debit or credit card payments. Click 'Sponsor Payment' at checkout and enter their contact details to send them a payment link.

Unfortunately, installment plans are not available. However, courses can be paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our courses are not eligible for the alumni discount.

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships to study our degree programs, Micro-credentials or Accelerated MBA. You can however search the web to see if there are other organizations outside our university who offer scholarships.

For all questions and queries related to disabilities and available support, please contact the Department of Student Affairs. Telephone: 876-906-3000 Ext. 3994, 3997, 4063 Or e-mail:

Unfortunately, student financing is not available for our online Accelerated MBA or Micro-credentials. For Student Finance queries relating to degree programs, please contact the Registry at

All our students pay the same fees, regardless of location.

Studying online

Canvas, our Learning Management System.

Our learning programs are designed utilizing Open Educational Resources; you will not be required to purchase any additional resources (i.e. books) to complete your course.

Our course content is reviewed and updated on an on-going basis.

No, all study and assessments are completed online.

You will have opportunities to interact with other students throughout your studies. The level of interaction will vary by course and tutor.

All of our Micro-credentials, degree programs and Accelerated MBA are self-paced and on-demand, which means you can study at a time that suits you. We do however, recommend completing each course within an 8-week window to help keep your studies on track.

We’re committed to providing mental health support for all our students. Here’s what we offer:
Chaplain: A Counsellor/Chaplain is appointed to each campus. Our students can arrange to meet our support team as and when they require additional support.
Our Counsellor/Chaplains are available for students twice per semester during our workshop presentations. Additionally, at our Worthington Campus, our designated counsellor is open for walk-ins on Mondays from 10am–1pm.
Tele-Counselling: The Department has started negotiations with a Tele-counselling agency to provide remote counselling services to students across all UCC campuses.
For any questions related to support, please get in touch with the Department of Student Affairs. Telephone: 876-906-3000 Ext. 3994, 3997, 4063 Or e-mail:

We are a private institution.

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